If You Often Feel Like A Centuries-Old Soul Trapped In A Young Body, You Are Not Alone!

If you often feel like a centuries-old soul trapped in a teenage or early/late twenties body, you’re not alone. I have always felt different like a centuries-old soul since I was a kid. I felt like I looked at the world with a bigger lens. I soaked in people’s stories and emotions like a sponge.... Continue Reading →

She Is Strong Yet Soft Woman

    Dear strong yet soft woman you’re the woman who cries when there’s an emotional scene on TV. You’re the woman who wants to help everyone fix their problems, give everyone solid advice. You’re the woman who can’t see someone sad, you find it so difficult to pretend like everything’s okay. You want to... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone!

There are some days and moments in our life when we all feel lonely, We crave for companionship, A compassionate friend, A warm smile, An ear to listen, and A heart to understand, We crave for deep intellectual conversations.Someone who genuinely shows concern, Someone who’s there for us when we need a friend, Someone who... Continue Reading →

Solitude Is A Beautiful Thing!

  Spending time in solitude with ourselves may not be easy or even desirable for many people but it’s key to getting to know who we really are, decades ago I would not spend too much time alone, Today Solitude became my new norm and somehow I thrived in it. I often sit alone and... Continue Reading →

The Mesmerizing Horseshoe Bend!

  Horseshoe Bend is one of the most photographed landscapes in the United States of America, for those who don’t know about horseshoe bend, it’s in Arizona and Arizona is famous for two things – Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend and in recent years these natural attractions have become incredibly popular amongst people in large... Continue Reading →

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